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Another Quandry

Went to Auror's place to pick up a few tapes while she was gone. I wound up walking home at 2:30am. I should have been writing game, but there I was walking in the middle of the night. I went past a construction site just across the street from my place where I found two drunken females stopping me. They were OK for females but they were not ladies. Best description would be the Goth version of "Absolutely Fabulous."
They rambled to me about the assholes in Middle East. I stood there.....listening. This was the highpoint of my trip home and I was curious. Eventually, they went towards Middle East, and I followed. What was I thinking? I was mere feet from my place and I chose instead to follow a pair of drunken ______ up Cambridge. It was not like I was going to pick them up, though part of me was tempted by the danger. I wanted to be reckless, even for a few minutes.

It wasn't long before I went to Middle East to see an ambulance and a police car. All I could do was watch. I saw drunken party-goers standing by the restaurant babbling incoherently while waiting for a cab that would take pity on them. They had their own theories as to what happened, but I couldn't tell if they were telling the truth when I ask them what happened. I saw paramedics taking a man on a stretcher into the ambulance and drive away. That was where I focused my attention on. The victim probably slipped and fell on his head. But it felt surreal--a blur of humanity, or at least its intoxicated state. A single sober mind in the midst of the chaos. Couldn't concentrate on anything else.
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