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Interview Questions from anotherjen

1. Do you believe in magic? (Not necessarily the kind in a young girl's heart.)
I am a huge fan of David Copperfield ever since I saw him levitate a Ferrari. So, I used to be a great believer of magic. Also pay attention to the Technomage trilogy. Basically, advanced science is used to create the illusion of magic (i.e. a flamethrower in Medieval France or a Boeing 747 100 years ago.). Magic, like truth and beauty, is in the eye of the beholder. As for the magic in a young girl's heart, I used to believe that. But after a couple of very bad break-ups, I have doubts. This kind of magic seems to change as you get older.

2. You have a day to spend with me and we're both fabulously wealthy. What would you like to do? (And don't ask me what I want to do. I'm asking YOU.)
Depends whether hammercock gives me the all clear and/or is with us. I'm assuming you mean just the too of us.
Regardless, I would rent a penthouse or a house by the beach, a limo, a jet trip for two to either Vancouver or California. Then, it's several meals at a steakhouse with champagne, sushi, and steamers. There would probably be an all-night sex/massage party at said rented place with lots of stereo and video equipment...

...or I would just get an easel and pay 24-hours worth of your wage ;)

3. What's your earliest childhood memory?
It was a blur. I remember seeing President Jimmy Carter on TV (and I was 2 at the time). I also remember hanging off a ledge in a 4-story apartment building when I was 4 (long story). I remember bits and pieces of being in the cradle when I was several months old.

4. What's one recurring dream that you have? What do you think it means?
In terms of recurring dreams, they usually fall into one of two categories. Either:
(1) I'm wielding a sword or lightsaber impaling or slicing villains. It could personify my fascination for being the samauri, knight, or guardian.
(2) I'm undergoing hot foreplay with a woman. I'm about to have sex when I wake up. This was before I actually had sex, so it's probably just me being horny.

5. What's your favorite non-SF TV show?
Right now, it's a tie between the first three seasons of NYPD Blue and Iron Chef. The former because of the superb writing and acting as it depicts New York and law enforcement, especially since my mom was in the NYPD. As for Iron Chef, my fascination for it only improves greatly since you see how someone can use his/her hands to cut, slice, dice, and basically form wonderful works of art that are edible. It's the kind of magic that I still believe in these days.
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