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Dream Sequence

Had a strange dream last night (or rather this morning in the few hours of sleep that I had). I never saw the famous Tolkein trilogy, but I felt like I was relieving events in "The Return of the King". I was beside Aragorn in battle. Didn't see Legolas or Gimli. There was a temple guarded by a human army that Aragorn and I were investigating in which a man has proclaimed himself high priest. I find out that one of the guards was actually an ork. Next thing I knew, there was a major battle, a lot of orcs were killed, and I was declared a war hero. The temple suddenly became a shopping mall? where the press was expecting reports from the newly appointed king Aragorn, only he wasn't to be found. Can't say I blame him; you would disappear too if you chose the leadership out of necessity only to be hounded by the mas media.
I was pretty good with a sword.
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