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Killing some time before a follow-up to my meeting with Unemployment. Been seeing "Merlin" and the season finale of "Six Feet Under". Both good. As for the previous entry, the first quote was from hammercock in a response to seeing a segment on Tsar Nicholas I on the History Channel. You try to stage a Russian rebellion for the common intellectual. You have a razor sharp wit; they have guns. Do the math.
Catching up on campaign. Still have to house hunt in addition to job hunt. It would be nice if I can find certainty to my finances before I know how much I can afford in a room. Still don't know what to do with one of my housemates. She's clueless, annoying, and a neat freak. I'm just glad she's working now. There are times in which I'm glad to be the only one in the house during the daytime.
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