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Oh My God, I like totally ate Claymore

Back from Legends. Back from Maryland. Back from disappearing for nearly a week. Again, the problem with a hiatus is that it's hard to cram everything into short paragraphs. So pardon the long entry.

When last we heard, our hero (yeah right)...I was preparing for a trip to Maryland with hammercock. This was one and a half weeks ago! Note to self: LEARN HOW TO FRICKIN' DRIVE!! Was in the back seat with the cargo while hammercock and Siggy were taking turns driving. Was providing lifeline service feeding Weird Al CDs, sugar goodies, and caffeine during the long drive from MA to MD. Stayed awake for all but the last hour. After breakfast at Waffle House, we crashed at hammercock's parents' house during the entire day.
Much of the stay was spent with her folks, going to DC to see the sites, and the Memorial Day picnic. DC was a real treat with the Air and Space Museum. It was an engineer's dream to see the actual planes and ICBMs used. I was like "Wow! Those things are real!" Apollo module, Voyager, Spirit of St Louis, and that balloon capsule that circumnavigated non-stop. Cool. We took a walk to the Lincoln Memorial and saw the Washington monument from the steps. It was bittersweet to be present at a monument of historical greatness in a city so tight on security. Saw bikers weep at the Vietnam Memorial. A somber site. Indulged in Malaysian food and green tea at DuPont Circle. Other days we would just hang out, see a movie ("Bend it Like Beckam"), or have a picnic with her friends. The only problem was that a representative from a company was interested in me and was trying to conduct a conversation and series of trials while I was in Maryland. Felt out of sync as a result, especially since the flight back was cancelled due to weather problems. I hate Airtran. It's airlines like that which make me wish I never flew. It wasn't until Wednesday that I came back. Still hoping all goes well with this job opening. Nonetheless, it felt great spending six days with hammercock. I was at peace with her.
Unfortunately, I barely had time to prepare for Legends when I came back. Barely slept. Was in a rush for supplies and rides.
Mother Nature was not kind during the Legends weekend. It poured water and mosquitoes. Worked up an appetite during combat and clean-up. Did the standard protocol after a rough weekend like that: head to the local Uno's with the other players and order a 1 lb steak. It felt good.
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