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Not Now

Two days before Steer Roast, and I'm coming down with something. Throat is sore. Been dry coughing since last night. Don't know what it was.

Went to NEFFA with hammercock over the weekend. Had fun contra dancing non-stop for 20 minutes. Hmmm, redheaded swingers :)
Indulged in nearly every form of international cuisine from the gulash to the potato pancakes to the Filipino BBQ. I had a very good time with hammercock, though someone did tell me that I looked like a hard core musician with my leather trenchcoat on. Still, pretty good for my first NEFFA experience. Now, I understand why people do this every year. Of course, this weekend, it will be my turn to corrupt her with Steer Roast. Just need to pump myself full of medication to get better. Must have been all that dancing. It shot my immune system.

Went back to Tech Squares for some die-hard rounds last night. I think I can surmise the analogy that contra dancing is like driving the Indy 500 whereas Tech Squares is like an action movie car chase in Paris (thinking the movie "Ronin").
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