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I ? NY

I went to NY for the weekend with hammercock, her housemates, and a few others. There were eight total. The main reason was the da Vinci exhibit. Personally, I just liked to see NY again. I remember the last time with hammercock in December. I admit that it was different since it was just the two of us then. Recently, I've been Zen about what to do in NY. Just wanted to feel the ambience and the scenery that attracts most people to the Big Apple. (Which was why I was amused at the multitude of travel plans the others had for a 36-40 hour stay).
The snafus started the moment I left Boston. The CDs that I burned for driving music didn't work on my CD player/car adapter. Two hours of work for nothing. The fact that I left my medication at home wasn't any better. Fortunately, I carried enough until Saturday morning, but I wouldn't be able to get my prescription at NY without cancelling all of my refills (all 11 of them). Long story.
Had dinner at a place called Rein's in MA. Bought dark chocolate covered matzah. Wound up in NY by 1 am. Poor hammercock. She drove the entire time. The hotel was in a Korean district one block south of the Empire State Building. (Note: I was surprised that no one seriously thought of touring the building even though it was just ONE BLOCK AWAY). Wasn't much time to sleep since everybody wanted to be at the museum by 9. It's amazing how much 30 minutes make a difference. There was nearly a 2 hour wait for the exhibit. The main party was split. Those who waited were drained by the time the tour ended. Come to think of it, everybody was exhausted., but nobody had a clear idea as to what to do. Hammercock and I separated to chill for a while with some egg cream, chocolate coke, bad pharmacies, and naps. One of the drawbacks to dating a vegetarian is that options for dinner are limited. Wound up with just the two of us since hammercock napped for 2.5 hours. Explored certain areas for vegetarian-friendly places. Wound up eating a mushroom-lover's dream dish at the Zen Palate. We also had cocktails at Time Square (yummy mudslides and daiquiris). Took a stroll down Fifth Avenue to relax. It was like December all over again for a brief moment. Unfortunately, when you are sharing a room with two other people, activities are limited :)
People wanted to go to the Natural History museum and Hayden planetarium. Didn't leave enough time for much. Besides, been there, done that. Heard the Harrison Ford lecture (another long story). Wound up seeing a B&H shop run interesting group of workers with conveyor belts and digital stuff. Went down 8th Avenue to Greenwich Village to see a store called Travel Plan 001 and an English store/tea place called Tea & Sympathy. It was like I was in London. Have to eat afternoon tea there the next time I'm in NY. Ate pizza at a place called Two Boots? nearby. By then, it was time to leave with nasty weather.
Overall, the experience was draining. It was as if people exhausted themselves trying to follow a schedule. Took the romance out of the adventure. Heading home to find that my roommates changed the locks on the door didn't help matters.
Now I'm still trying to find my cell phone.
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