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Exercise a cold

Throat is still congested/scratchy. However, I needed to get out of the house, despite the cold. Basically, I got bored, so I went to get shower curtains, then I went to Jillian's. Ah, real pool tables. Undented billiard balls. Cue sticks with complete tips. Smooth felt surface. Pockets that don't break. And yet, I still haven't learned that cue balls cannot fly. Although they can do a loop off the edge, hit a solid, and cause it to sink in a reverse direction. I learned three important lessons.
(1) I play well when I'm blowing off steam.
(2) I play well when intoxicated
(3) One can play billiards solo for so long.

It's been a while since I had a human opponent. Either way, I had fun slacking, shooting, and walking the streets of Kenmore Square/Fenway.

On a random note, recently I received a mark on my neck that believe-it-or-not resembles a smiley face. I feel like I've been tagged.
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