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Actually had a busy and fun weekend considering the anticipation. Starting my last week at work. Very quiet. I've been tempted to leave the job right away, but there is a part of me that is compelled to leave on a high note with dignity and (what my mother calls) class. It seems to be the attitude only shared by French Revolutionists, Gundam pilots, and Klingons.
Speaking of Klingons, I got cast in bester's SFB campaign. Sounds like fun. Meanwhile, I'm picking up some speed at my B5 Wars campaign (which bester is a player). Went to Space-Time knee-deep in snow. It was wonderful. I felt like a kid again. Even had a mini snowball fight with hammercock, though she won by using the snowball equivalent of a shotgun. Friday night was spend straight from work to a practice SFB match. I still remember the surprised looked on rigel's face when she found out who I was cast as, as if it never dawned on her that I can incorporate that race's mentality and tactics in a campaign. Nice to know I can still surprise some people (or mess with their heads, which ever is more fun). Either way, I need practice.
Saturday run was short considering it was another character creation session using the Exalted rules. The group may get new players which is good. It ended early, so I figured, pizza and David Copperfield with hammercock. Then came the massage party.
Never been to a massage party, but I heard about them before. To be honest, my back seriously needed work, so I initially went for the reallignment. Lyonesse did a good job with my shoulders and upper back. (I don't crack as easily anymore.) The lower one needed work, but you can't easily erase 2+ years of poor work posture. It was at the party that I met someone who can best be described as a hybrid of lyonesse and hammercock. The similarities are striking, especially when fused with a Baltimore background. Surreal.
It was also at the party that I reacquainted myself with a technique that I haven't practiced for a while: letting the fingers do the flirtation. I used to give massages a lot back in the day at parties, especially at 5E. The only problem was that for best results, I have to work on a person for at least half and hour. Hence, I felt a little rushed for most of the people I worked on. Still, I didn't get complaints from the ladies I worked on. They know who they are. Still need to work on some of them. I owe them another massage. Was tempted to go professional for a while, but I'm not the person who asks money for it. Besides, it's fun just giving massages to people, especially hammercock...


Sunday was a lazy afternoon (sort of). Remind me never to watch "The Fluffer" again. Afterwards, I went home to figure out what to do for the remainder of the week with work, campaign, and a possible new roommate. Apparently, one of my roommates is leaving for New Zealand in less than 6 weeks. Not good. Tomorrow is another day.

On a random note, Sports Night on DVD just rocks. I have memories of "Shoe Money" already.
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