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Back to the Swing of Things

So to speak. Preparing for work tomorrow. My first 5-day work week since I left December 13th. I miss vacation already. I miss the 12-hour sleep periods, the parties twice a week, the mobs, the pool playing, the 8-Balls at Diesel, the weekday cuddling at noon, the flirtations, and so on. For tomorrow, it looks like a new mission for the next three months. At least they are keeping me busy. Talk about job security.
I already feel out of it. Tried to rent Scooby-Doo the movie for a spaced out showing (with Scooby-Doo cereal and gummy snacks). Accidentally got the Christmas special instead. I'm still apologizing for that. Note to self: Now I know that "Party Milk" can mean something completely different.
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