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New Years Day


Already this year is starting better than January 1, 2002. Wine, women, song, and hot tubs. I have to say that this was the best New Year's celebration I experienced. The only regret is that I was relatively underdressed for the party (turtleneck and blue jeans). This was definitely the season for lace and velvet, especially for a couple of identically dressed ladies there. Very hot.

Random note: I like the fact that people are more receptive after I call them cute/hot on Livejournal. Should have done that more often :)

I just wish I didn't have to deal with FedEx right now. I finally found out what happened to a package I ordered two months ago. Apparently, it was delivered to an address one number up and accepted without signature. I was pissed, but couldn't deal with it at 3:24 in the morning after the New Year's party.

Alas, I must return to work tomorrow. It has been a great three weeks.
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