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Got back from the third fall event of Legends last night at around 8:30pm. It was fun, but tiring. Took several beatings from hobgoblins, earth elementals, and men with kilts. The first night was cold, but the sky was clear. Did a little stargazing afterwards. The second and third days were surprisingly warm. Brought huge bags of blankets and clown props for nothing. Still felt sore after the event. Need a couple of gypsies to give me a serious back run. A curvacious redhead was definitely better. It was the last event of the fall. Other than a possible winter feast in January, my involvement with Legends will be on hold until the spring season. It was just as well.
I'm going to take a breather from such multi-day LARPing for a while (unless I'm really convinced otherwise). One days are fine. Shadowdawn is definitely fine. But, I need some part of the weekends free. The LARPs have been draining me physically as well as psychologically. I can feel my mind going. I need to spend more time with hammercock. I missed her during the weekend. You know you love someone when you try to trace her in the stars (though there weren't enough for the hair).
Now, I'm working during a holiday (again). Want to see TMBG perform, but I can't. It's too soggy, and I can't get the time off from work.
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