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Out of it

I visited an ailing Auror at the Med Center. Brought her tissues, back-up tissues, and emergency tissues. Also brought her cellphone and a couple of books. I've spent most of the visiting hours talking to her and just holding her hand. Now, I think I have what she has. Unlike her, however, I've been drinking heavily (the joys of ordering Super Size meals), so I can still work. I'm also full of medication with visions of sugar plum Gundams strolling along. The scary part about it is that they talk in Perl. I hope she is released soon.

I will be busy this week with writing game. I also heard about the 5E party this Friday. I just hope I can recover before then. I remember going to Mardi Gras with a fever and dehydration; and that was without alcohol. Then I will go to Waltham on Saturday to see an old friend. Seeing people is good.
Tags: gaming, girlfriend, gundam, parties, sickness
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