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Another Saturday, another cancellation of Rocky Horror. The first time was my fault for mistiming being done with helping a friend move. By the time I got back to my place to shower and change (after hours of heavy lifting), I was late picking up hammercock. This was nobody's fault. Something just came up, and it was OK by me. It just wasn't meant to be last night. Hopefully third time's the charm next time. This week will be the Cirque du Soleil trip. Just wished the timing was better. A 3-day was scheduled. Wanted to go, but couldn't make the Friday committment. Unfortuntately, this caused a problem for a certain ticket holder, for which I'm slightly pissed.
This person has expressed interest in a ticket only recently (after all 10 tickets are accounted for). By the time I got one available, this person backed out for the 3-day. Bloody hell. That was lame.
Somebody owes me $65. Now I gotta find a 10th person for this Friday.
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