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IT'S OVER!!!!!!!

Finished work today. The week of hell is over! That was an interesting experience. I hope never to do that again. Got paid again too! Yeah twice.


Most of all..

My Cirque du Soleil tickets have finally arrived! About ^(%& time after 3.5 weeks. I have a few people who have been waiting all this time. Now I can have fun. Now I can enjoy the finer things in life like sleep (haven't had a good night in weeks), movies (haven't had a good night since Ep II), and dating (haven't had a good night in months).

Either way, I got 10 tickets. Before it was a case of buying too many. Now, it may be a case of not having enough.

Will deal with that later.
My master plan is not set
*maniacal laugher*
*head drops to table in exhaustion*
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