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Random Thoughts

*On a random quiz, I'm 50% evil. Just a slight push for me to go to the dark side. The fact that I dress like a villain, assasin, or henchman doesn't help. This probably explains the feeling of anti-charisma when I go outside (I unintentionally scared a small child while playing pool earlier this afternoon).

*I nearly forgot the one-year anniversary of my break-up with Ween. We now talk every three months. It seems spring time is not for me.

*Playing billiards can be addictive.

*Want to back to school over the summer. Want a Masters.

*Liked Willow as a redhead. I like redheads.

*It's late, and the insomnia is wearing off along with the 8-ball I had at Diesel Cafe (black coffee with vanilla ice cream). Yummy.
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