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Bad Week

Had my teeth removed.
Bled for two days as a result.
Fried immune system caused me to get the flu.
Job sucks.
Now my girlfriend just dumped me.
All I need is a tax audit, and I can call it a week.
Wait...just got a disputed tax return.
Close enough.

So, here I am toasting to my recent and most unexpected state of bachelorhood with some German wine. (Lousy taste)
NOW I can cry after a week of dried irritation.

Sheridan is without Delenn.
Trowa is without Catherine.
Merlin is without Nimue.
Spike is without Drusilla.

"What's that? Those sparkles? Those are my tears."
-Trowa Barton

Now I have all these songs in my head:

"Desert Rose" by Sting
"You'll See" by Madonna
"Take a Bow" by Madonna
"When Doves Cry" by Prince
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