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Happy Again

I love my mom. After over a week overdue (due to the lameness of UPS), I finally got my care package sent from my mom. It contains delicious gourmet cookies. They are so good. Won't say those three words out loud. She calls it "brain food". They were the perfect pick-me-up.

Spent last night at the Space-Time continuum. Talked with bester about our mutual scenarios. It was comforting. Then rigel came, and she was bouncy, and she played Grand Theft Auto III on PS2. She crashed. She chased. She shagged hookers.
Had a good time.
Went to the Galleria with a friend from Course 2. Helped her shop for presents to give to admin staff. It was fun. Brought food to PetShopGirl at work since she was burning the 7pm oil.
On sugar high now. So much for workout for Legends. Got more magic tricks.
I love you mom!
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