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Racing Goths

Being a fan of "The Amazing Race", I just now saw the bios for this season's team. (Been tuned out for a while due to the disappointing All-Stars.)

There's a team that claims to be a Goth couple from Louisville (Exactly). I question the validity in a sense that previous seasons have proven the following: If you are describing yourself as "alternative", chances are you're not. You're just a self-entitled, self-righteous showboater.

CBS producers are a sucker for gimmicks when it comes to selecting teams. If only the teams know what they are getting into. They will be traveling, sometimes non-stop for days with little food, sleep or time to breathe. Maintaining pink hair and make-up will be the least of your worries as you venture into 100-degree weather while negotiating with locals who probably despite you for being American let alone one that looks like a neon zebra. My wife knows this all too well. She's a better competitor (fabulous redhead from Somerville, MA).

Part of me still wants to compete. Yet, after Japan, I realized that I already lived the Amazing Race.
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