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Into the East: The Japan Adventure (Day 11)

9am: Too bloody early. Hiroshima is the furthest west we will go to in Japan. As a result, it's almost two hours even on the Shinsanken. We missed our original train, so we grabbed a non-reserved seat on a later train (like flying coach on a bullet train).

An added note about yesterday: In Nara, for 1000 Yen, you can write on a stone tablet to be used in the restoration of the shrine. hammercock and I are now immortalized in Japan. If only my calligraphy was better.

6:10pm: Acquired new pen and am currently chilling at the local Haagen-Daaz where flavors like black sesame, chardonnay/raspberry, and grapefruit are present. The only way you would see them in the States is through Baitcon. We've been busy amidst the heat and humidity. We toured the Hiroshima Peace Park, had lunch at a district dedicated to okonomiyaki, and went inside Hiroshima castle. Of course, the castle was a recreation from the 1950s. It was at the Hiroshima Memorial that I discovered that Kyoto was one of the prime targets for the first atomic bomb. A last-minute weather change resulted in that devastating event in August 1945. So, when I take a look at 1500 years of history in the Kyoto castles and temples, I almost wept when I realized that they would have been wiped out.

8pm: Killer Fatigue is hitting the both of us to the point in which we're not thinking straight. It's been too hot to think straight. Most of our food, except for the savory pancakes, have been in liquid form. (In a fourth dimensional sense since we also had ice cream.) Currently on the Shinsanken to Shin-Osaka. The JR gentleman said that we couldn't get back to Kyoto on this line, but the conductor says otherwise. We have 90 minutes to figure it out.

In the meantime, I would like to point out that every type of Japanese food is lighter than the American counterparts. The potato chips are lighter. The pancakes are lighter. Even the fried chicken seems lighter. The only exception has been when we went past a McDonald's on the Hiroshima station. The stench of fast food grease weighed us down. To this day, we have yet to go to a burger franchise, KFC, or Starbucks.

Random Note: 2087 films including the Japanese version of "Easy Rider"

10:15pm: Apparently, there's a typhoon going on. It's delayed our trip from Shin-Osaka to Kyoto by about 25 minutes. We would like to crash now (figuratively speaking).
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