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After months of hearing about it from whispers and rumors, hammercock and I have finally reached the coveted gourmet shop. Ever since the Continuum's Weird Meats BBQ, I've been trying to go there to see the various produce and meats. The only disappointment I found was that I couldn't easily spot the kangaroo. It's another place where I see myself blowing fortunes on. The $40 pack of rattlesnake meat called to me, and I was (for a brief moment) tempted by it. I don't think tamidon will be disappointed with what we will bring this afternoon, though I probably should have brought more than one pineapple.

Right now, I had errands to run while my wife is sleeping. I have in my possession a fresh morel mushroom and duck eggs. Sounds like I should wake her up with an omlette.

Curse/Thank you bester and tiurin!
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