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hammercock and I were squeeing all evening. We made a quick trip to Diesel all bouncy. Now, we have 3 months to learn Japanese. But first, we went to Gargoyles to celebrate.
We both had martinis to start off with. Hammercock started with a black truffle soup with "hot ice cream" while I started with...pretty much a fancy version of chicken and waffles. Normally, I call a restaurant on that (e.g. "It's a fancy burrito" or "It's mozzarella sticks with shittake"). However, it was a buttermilk battered section of the chicken nicknamed the "oyster" due to the tenderness and texture. It was served on a red velvet waffle. Delicious. I should be careful saying this, but so far, those were the best waffles I had.

For the main course, hammercock had stuffed squash while I had scallops served over forbidden rice. Forbidden rice was great. The scallops were done perfectly. It was all good.

Once home, we celebrated more with ice cream. We have 4 pints of Ben & Jerry's, hammercock's frozen prototype for snickerdoodle ice cream for Baitcon, and a Chinese five-spice that was ready to be frozen. I probably need to work out to slim down a bit after last night.

Now, reality is sinking in as, with rent, utilities, one last hospital bill, and airline tickets to Tokyo, I'm down a few grand.
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