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It's tempting to create a "Husband's Log" given the newleywed status. It has been 7 weeks since my wedding to hammercock, life continues to be good. I'm still impressed over 30,000 people saw us fight on Youtube :)

Given the recent medical emergencies by friends of mine, normal everyday life doesn't sound too bad. I do wish everyone a speedy recovery.

It takes a combination of drag queens and kamikazees to break my brain at oneagain's birthday mob at Jacques on Friday. Much to the insistance of klingonlandlady, Destiny was cute.

Saturday was spent hanging out at theloriest's birthday gathering with taura_g, ariesd, and cintyber among others. Given what I'm sampled and heard, it's tempting to have a cook-off with cintyber.

For muffyjo's birthday brunch, hammercock and I made dozens of scones. They were yummy. My compliments to whoever made the duck egg flan.

Given recent events, I may be helping out more with Baitcon.
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