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I have returned from my first weekend at Legends. It was wonderful. I was able to figure out how people interacted. I even died twice. Unfortunately, I made the mistake of pissing off about half the characters in game. Fortunately, it was only the characters. This does mean that I will have to change characters from the next time. The only problem was the sudden chill I had Saturday night when it dropped from 80 to 50 in one hour. In the meantime, I have to write game. This will be my debut as a GM after six years of the Guild. (Yes, I'm old.)

After Legends, it was a relief to finally eat Chinese food. One can only live off Pocky for so long. Meat and ravs galore with the lovely auror. Afterwards was B5 and...well....I take a vow of silence on that one. For today, she visited her sister while I toured Harvard Square and Boston's Marache. I like the trip but some company was tempting. I have embraced my polyamory and am actively searching for a secondary. Yes, I've had a good weekend.
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