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Workaholics Anonymous

Here I am at work at 4:21 in the morning. I kid you not. A test plan is due in the morning. The boss didn't specify exact time, so I'll assume first thing. Couldn't think of a better way to meet the deadline than with an all-nighter. It gives me a chance to work in peace. No co-workers. No noise. No daylight. Just a sole figure in the only lighted cubicle on the floor occasionally looking out the window at the quiet city. It seems so peaceful at this time from the 13th floor.
"I think I see my dad." -Cameron Frye ("Ferris Bueller's Day Off"

Unfortunately, I'm also working because I have nothing better to do (but couldn't sleep). With Endless Waltz over, my "Gundam lessons" on hold, and my Babylon 5 viewings coming to an end, I find myself running out of personal projects to do. It's a case of "Got bored, so I ____."

Remind me to thank rigel for frying my brain to "As If" and "The Random Years" after a trippy Buffy episode. Now I have this sudden urge to cry out "Sooz".
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