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Warm Foods and "Children of Men"

On Saturday, hammercock and I went to the Warm Foods party where we hand delivered an invitation. Prior to that, we made a lot of macaroni and cheese using mushrooms and three cheeses. Suffice to say that the party contained decadence in the form of stroganoff, stews, and pasta. I don't think the eating will stop until well after Mardi Gras with only a brief pause until Restaurant Week.

Scheduling Restaurant Week is difficult, especially when there are so many choices to eat and so many people who I want to have dinner with (each with his/her own dietary restrictions). One of the benefits of being neither a vegetarian nor a picky eater is that I can go anywhere, pick at random and be pleasantly surprised.

After Warm Foods, hammercock and I saw "Children of Men". It was the first time I saw her cry in the theater since LotR: Return of the King. I have to hand it to both the director and cinematographer for choreographing scenes that last several minutes giving the feel of a documentary. I read about an interview Cuaron gave about the film. I have to disagree with him in thinking that the world pre-9/11 was also pre-idyllic. I can only partially agree that our generation essentially "blew it" when it came to making the world a better place. Frankly, every generation had the chance. The movie does shock you in reintroducing a world close to our own where apathy and anarchy are in holy matrimony. Global infertility is merely a catalyst.
I can see why lillibet wanted to see it shortly before giving birth.
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