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Thoughts in Chaos

Once again, I remember two dreams I had last night. The first was one in which I was losing my hair at my current age. As far as I know, this is not going to happen in real life anytime soon, so I should be fine.
The second one was more surreal in which--all of a sudden--I am to perform in a Theater@First cabaret looking like Wolverine even though (1) the song looked like it was titled "Savaged Fear", and (2) I didn't know the lyrics.

Due to errands and mishaps, I went to the Flea for a good 80 minutes yesterday. Saturday was not possible, though I was graced with the opportunity to touch Maine for the first time. (Long story)

I was able to run into a few people with hammercock dressed in a corset and me in a leather shirt with matching trenchcoat. As for one particular person who I don't see often, I should have went into Brute Force (another long story). In the last minutes, I succumbed to the impulse and purchased a sunspiral original. Now, I have the weegoddess in my living room.

On a random note, I have recently rekindled my fascination with "Due South" and everything Canadian. I have to thank/blame Ex #2 for that one.
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