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I may be one of many who will write about this wonderful event that happened this past weekend. Four live-action role-playing games in two days. Went to Chelmsford with rigel, auror, zebediah, laura47, questioner and some frosh to this gaming convention to participate in a variety of characters. Did "Liberation and the Language Barrier" where I played a droid trying to not get ripped apart by a wookie and succeeded. Played an evil vampire in "Generation Gap" where I intentionally had a clan and a Midwestern town disintegrated. It felt so good to be so bad. To my amazement, the last two games, in which I was on waitlists for, had last-minute openings, so I played in every game I apped for. Played a grieving widower janitor who had sex with a experimental creation in "Young Wizards in Love". On Saturday evening, I played questioner's fiance in "Uncivilized Guest". Still need to work on my character creation since I'm more used to the GURPs system. It was still fun. Met a lot of new people who have been seasoned gamers. Some of them were attractive women. Oh why, oh why must it be only for the weekend. Partied afterwards until 3 in the morning. Was able to get a bronzed rose for auror and some cool twinkie stuff.
The only drawback was that laura47 got sick in the middle of the weekend and had to leave. Nonetheless, I had a blast being among other gamers. Now, I'm tempted to go to Origins this July
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