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So far, I only received a response from one of the four games I signed up in Intercon B this weekend. Though two of them I'm on waitlists for, the fact that it has taken them this long surprises me. The Guild doesn't do a rush job in giving people their parts.
On a random note, I have learned a lesson in present shopping: never tell your primary that the perfect gift is unattainable.
As for other things, work has been going OK considering the massive stress the buy-out caused last week. I've just recently started to catch up on all my activities after the closing of Endless Waltz. I have three birthdays to deal with this week, a game con this weekend, and a work project.
It has been brought to my attention that my PC is rendered obsolete. PII's are simply not cutting it when dealing with multimedia downloads and games. I probably need a Athlon desktop or an iBook.
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