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Halloween--Frak Yeah

It was a concept four years old: hammercock and I dressed as Lucy and Ricky Ricardo. She got her vintage dress from eBay while I rented my white tux. It looked like the biggest challenge was the hair. A salon at the Galleria was able to perform an up-do on her hair without cutting anything which gives the illusion of having her hair cut short. Apparently, 41 hair pins were used in the making of her hair. I was a bit surprised to see my hair cut short. Initially, I was in for a trim.
Note to certain friends: It grows back, really.
Then it was fun at noire's where Local Midnight performed. The general consensus was first that no too many people recognized hammercock in her Lucy dress. Then then called it the scariest costume of the party, especially when placed in a Goth band. I never get tired of saying that my sweetie is in the band. Once again, I was impressed with the costumes, particularly the YipYips and green sari. Very exotic.
We later went to miss_chance's party where I tried to eat BBQ wings with a white tux before collapsing. One tradition associated with Daylight Savings Time is that we sleep for 11 hours. I was barely able to make it to the Galleria to return the tux.

For the record, I recommend Pumpkin spice cake topped with Chilly Cow's frozen custard and served with marsala chai.
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