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We're back

On our last day in New York, hammercock and I went to a place called Veselka for brunch. It's a Ukrainian restaurant known for its pirogis and blintzes (though not for good service). We had yummy blueberry pirogis and raspberry blintzes. Nearby, we shopped for hammentaschen at Moishe's bakery. We got a bit of everything. This was at 2nd avenue near 8th street. We took a stroll through Union Square, up Park Avenue, and near Grammercy Park. Due to a nap, we made a mad dash to the Fung Wah station in Chinatown. After getting last-minute tickets, we found out that we had enough time to stop at a local noodle place called Hong Kong Station. You get noodles with broth with added ingredients for $1 each. I had a combination of squid balls, beef tripe, and mushrooms before leaving New York.
We just got home an hour ago. Time to place catch-up.
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