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Adventures in New York

Well, here I am.
I always have fun in New York with hammercock. I like the surprises. Last night, while walking from the Port Authority, we stopped by a corner store where, in addition to selling Smirnoff liquors by the quart, they had a flask-shapped bottle of water. I named it Fred. Actually, the bottling company named it Fred. I was drinking Fred last night. I have no joke here.
This afternoon's primary mission of shopping for fabric for hammercock's wedding dress resulted in a non-existent shop, so we wandered the streets of Manhattan. I am a fan of the reality show "Top Chef". As a result, I was curious about the NY restaurants opened by Tom Colicchio. One of them is a sandwich shop called 'wichCraft. I ordered a grilled Fontina sandwich with trumpet mushrooms. It was yummy. We met up with jessruth and chanaleh and had a late lunch. This was near NYU. We were walking near 8th street where we came across a street fair. Great stuff. We bought a pocket watch for $6. The market went to Union Square (the real Union Square). In shopping for a blouse for tonight's dinner, we spotted a Filene's Basement (on the 4th floor). Near-by, there was a chocolate shop called "Max Brenner: Chocolate by the Bald Man". The place had pipes of chocolate flowing across the ceiling. There were truffles with orchard oil. There were truffles with blueberry liquor. There were even truffles with wildflower honey.

To be continued...
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