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It's Over

It's Sunday afternoon. Just got up two hours ago after 12 hours of sleep/recovery from last night cast party. hammercock still makes the best caiparighnas. Two were enough to kick my ass. Left at 4:10am. It was during strike that the infamous thought came to my head: It's Over. No more rehearsals. No more performances. I miss it already. Tony Kirby was a gift. I got to be suave in a tux. I was able to work with practically everybody (cast, props, costumes, make-up, etc.) I was able to work directly with both former Merry Wives of Windsor. According to Katie, I was solid and grew as an actor. And, unlike Bardolph, I finally get the girl in the end. The seven performances were my best work ever. I bonded with more people. Heck, I now understand the appeal of Booty Vortex.
The next Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday will be interesting. I'm tempted to audition. In the meantime, I will have spare time to breathe.
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