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Random Musings

After seeing an episode of "No Reservations" with Anthony Bourdin, I miss Montreal even more. It's been exactly 5 years. A lot has changed since then. I recognized some of the places I've been to. I still wonder if Cafe Stash is still there. Great pirogis [sic].
Went to Diesel after a month hiatus. The markings will not be noticable on stage. I've been feeling vampiric recently. It felt a little weird that there was a Monday or Tuesday without rehearsals for the first time in weeks. This allowed much needed Sweetie Time.
I had a brief chat with klingonlandlady about the play. What's been in my head recently is that I've been pretending to be a character who is more confident, more cavalier, more sure about where he is going in life but is pretty much me otherwise.
I want to stop pretending.
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