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Lent Loopholes

Remind me to have a talk with my family about Lent. I was brought up to believe that during this time of fast (1) Sundays are no exception, and (2) no meat whatsoever on Friday. This includes seafood. I'm assuming that either the Spanish Catholics have a stricter policy, my parents were clueless, or it was a scam such that my parents would save money on meat. I'm willing to accept choices 2 and 3.
You can imagine my surprise during the Sunday dinner at Grotto when I found out about Sundays from jbsegal and hammercock. When your Jewish fiancee knows more about Catholicism than your Catholic parents, you know you're in trouble. If only I knew last year or the year before (when I gave up coffee).
Now I'm hearing that Irish Catholic archbishops are easing up on the "No Meat" rule this Friday since it coincides with St. Patrick's Day. So much for sacrifice.
Catholics are strange.
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