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I'm wearing my costume to work today and will wear it to rehearsals this evening. It's too bad that all of my photos taken at noire's and miss_chance's are all on film. This requires a trip to the 24 CVS and an hour wait time to post them. The Halloween parties on Saturday were great with Local Midnight (and a well hung Hebrew hammercock singing). Some of what I've seen included:
lyonnese as Stevie Nicks
miss_chance as a cowgirl
noire as a cyber geisha
klingonlandlady as Morticia Adams
mycroft with a bleeding skull
sweetmmeblue as Aeryn Sun

A new batch of Spicy Brains was quickly devoured at n0ire's party. Halloween has always been my favorite holiday.

[EDIT: It's a pain to type with one mechanical hand}
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