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End of a Long War

The long war refers to a 10-day that I recently played. It is called such because never before in my six years in the Guild have I put in so much time, endurance and effort in a LARP let alone one this long. I had to give up sleep and a little bit of work to do this...but I wouldn't have it any other way.
For starters, my character actually survived the run, a first for me since my last 10-day was nearly 3 years ago and resulted in my character having an execution style death (six shots to the heart can do that). But this time was different. My character survived 3 revolutions, 2 assasination attempts, and every possible socio-political backstabbing known to man (and woman). It's hard to convey character and plot development in a mere entry. All I can say was that my character was aggressive, commanding, pro-active, and challenging. It felt great! This surge of confidence brought new life to me. I was ready to take charge in a no-nonsense fashion with honor and dignity. For a while, I was Treize. It was unfortunate that it appeared to be a vacation from myself. Need to be more assertive in real life. The drawback was that playing the character nearly exhausted the player.
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