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Mmmm.....charred mammal flesh

Yummy deer. Delicious deer. As I attempt to form complete sentences, I will elaborate how wonderful last night's dinner party turned out. My regret was that once again I brought a bulky and heavy bag of Babylon 5 Wars expansion sets in vain for, despite a significant delay, no one was willing to play. Of course, one of the main topics of conversation was a certain game that will begin tomorrow. I'm glad that auror got cast at the last minute. Now, I can actually say the name in front of her (long story).
In addition, once again, I find myself realizing that I can temporarily eliminate 24 years of shyness with a few sips of port. Unfortunately, I find my body adapting to the effects of white wine, so I no longer get intoxicated that way. For a few hours, I got to be talkative and flirtatious.
My only other regret was the aftermath. I had the opportunity of escorting two fine ladies to their home. I should have ignored details like a 50 lb bag I was carrying or the fact that it was in the direction completely opposite that of my home. Silly me, I chose the logical approach and headed home. I have to stop doing that.
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