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As I was having dinner with hammercock at Sauce in Davis Square, I received a call from my mother. My maternal grandmother, my last surviving grandparent, is in the hospital. Cause and diagnosis are still unknown. My mother is also in the hospital for a procedure, but she won't specify. I'll find out more tomorrow after some tests.
It's surreal to find out this out for a couple of reasons:

(1) My mother and her mother did not get along for years. There was so much resentment. Hell, each member would try to convince me that the other was the enemy, which made them even less tolerable. And yet, my mother still visited her in the hospital.

(2) There's always a slight feeling of guilt for being much better off than the rest of my family. I don't starve. I have no problems paying my rent. I'm only working one job. There wasn't a hurrican that wrecked havoc on my home. I donated to the Red Cross, but I wonder if that's enough. Again, the Catholic gene.
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