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Things you post when you're tipsy (and by youself)

Looks like hammercock is still having her Girls' Night Out. Remind me to talk to someone about the futility of a giant cock (long story).

Just got back from having a couple of red headed sluts with neuroptik. I'm the kind of person who needs four cocktails to turn a person from a foe to someone I like again. It was a good vent and a good chat. We needed that. It's cool now.

I need to cut back on the "House" episodes, especially "Three Stories". One can inherit the personality of the title protagonist since he's the perfect know-it-all asshole with the right amount of bitterness. The episode in question was as close to perfection as I can see on TV. Nobody cares how Obi-Wan became a Jedi. We care how Anakin became Darth Vader.

I don't want to work now. I'm tired of being a good little boy.

Can I actually do two acts of compassion in one day? I already used up one.

Not being able to see someone's good friend sucks. It's logical. It's rational. But it still sucks.

EDIT: I'm upstairs as the sole human Y-chromosome inhabitant currently while the females are chatting. I don't have a geek guy's night equivalent. (SFB night comes close.)

Wow, it's all a blur.
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