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I sit at my desk at work testing, coding and analyzing. Meanwhile, auror is at her appointment for a pain that I can't figure out. The feelings of uncertainty and helplessness continues on. I remember sitting by my computer last night when I should have went to dry run to interact with others. My fault. Of course this makes me realize that the new term is coming up. The freshmen are here already. Oh dear. This makes it exactly six years since I set foot on MIT for the first time. I'm getting old. Friends are dropping. New alliances are forming. Old ones are breaking. People are leaving. All I can do is watch. I can interact with the freshmen, but I don't want to scare them off in the first week. (I'll let MIT do that for me.) All I can say is that I grew up too fast to enjoy myself. In the meantime, auror is trying to divide her time among at least three people this week. She also wants me to join legends. And there is the possibility of bringing another SO to the group. My life's not complicated. Really it isn't.
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