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I have moved. I thank everyone who helped me. I still owe three people sushi in the near future. I'll need either (1) a chainsaw for my queen-size box spring, or (2) new split box springs. The latter will probably be the better choice. I still have boxes to be unpacked, but it can be done. There will be a period or adjusting to the new place.

Things that will change:
* Different commute to work (Davis Square instead of Porter Square on the T)
* Me dealing with cats on a daily basis
* Cat allergies are now a factor in inviting people over (see above)
* Me taking a more active role in household chores
* My computer will be wireless for the first time
* My new room has no curtins, so sunlight will be a factor, but there's a rooftop next to it, so stargazing is a possibility.

Besides that, nothing else should change much. I'm still social. I'm still poly. I'm still a gamer. I'm still a geek. I still like my friends, and I still love my sweetie.

It's all good.
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