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Goodbye old friend

I said "Good-bye" to three people this weekend: a SFB couple and earthdragon. They are moving on to academia out of state (Pennsylvania and Purdue respectively). I went to a Dim Sum mob with hammercock for the first time in months as part of earthdragon's good-bye mob. It helped that fellow vegetarian sonata960 was there to help figure out which dishes hammercock could eat. After a brief trip to see a Chinatown festival, a nap and other, I went back to the games mob later in the evening. Played Ninja Burger with Anna'a food until late. It was fun but brief. It felt like old times before we graduated.

I don't have that many friends outside of the Suspects group these days. I can count the number of people I've known for nearly 10 years (that I still keep contact) in the single digits. Earthdragon was one of them. In some ways, he was my double as mechanical engineer undergraduates at MIT. I wish him the best of luck at Purdue.

Turkey Creek Jack Johnson: Why do you do it?
Doc Holliday: Wyatt Earp is my friend.
Turkey Creek Jack Johnson: Friend? Hell, I got lots of friends.
Doc Holliday: I don't.
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