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15 Hours

Fifteen hours.
This is the number of hours of sleep I had last night. I still don't know how that was possible. Maybe it was the 3-4 hours of sleep I got on the weekdays. Maybe it was the 5-6 hours of sleep I had Friday night. Maybe it was being baked during ArtBeat yesterday morning.
I was fried after work on Friday. I went to fangirl712's birthday dinner mob. Good food. Good people. There was supposed to be a mob for brunch at Johnny D's followed by "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory". Somehow, that disintegrated into just hammercock and I having brunch and going to ArtBeat. We spent a couple of hours of basking in the sun looking a shinies. I nearly collapsed from the heat. A hour of relaxing with the A/C (and other things), and we were off to the Leftons for hours of socializing, swimming, and BBQ. I continue to thank weegoddess and her husband for the ice cream truck and free ice cream. I had memories of being 13 years-old and having my first Screwball.
Right now, I'm bordering between consciousness and drowsiness that usually occurs when I'm sleep deprived. I call it the anti-sleep dep.
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