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Interviewed by rigel

1) What is the single biggest thing you're optimistic about?
I've been a hopeless romantic for the better part of 15 years (maybe longer). I was programmed to think that gentility, chivalry, and mannerisms were essential to "get the girl". I thought women look for those qualities in a man. Of course, 5 years of MIT, 3 years with the Suspects crowd, and 3 ex-girlfriends nearly destroyed that mentality. My current relationships seem to reaffirm the optimistism of using the Old School approach to attracting women even in the poly universe.

2) Why is your speech so peppered with quotes? (If the answer is, "I don't know," that's also fine.)
I wish there was a long anecdote[sic?] which explains all of this. However, the fact is that I watched a lot of movies [1,000+]. The quotes stuck, especially since people more relate to the quotes than to my original thoughts.

3) What things matter the most to you in the entire world?
Having meaning to what I do.
Making a difference.
Soaring above mediocrity.
Being with people who can understand the madness (or at least your madness).

4) Bearing in mind that it's something you'd actually have to spend your time doing, what would your dream job be? (In other words, something you think you would actually enjoy doing, not just something that sounds cool.)
Enjoy doing? That's difficult. I always wanted to go into biomedical engineering, robotics, and special effects. I would like to spend time with animatronics (while the studios still use them). I would also like to be a video game tester. Albeit, the tests would be monotonous and time consuming, but I would still enjoy it for the game.

5) How and when did you start howling?
It's kind of like when "Iago" started. I can't remember the exact place and time, but I know that when people started scritching my hair, I started howling. I thought that, since most people purr at moments like that, I try to be different. To be honest, other people scritching my hair was a recent (less than 5 years) thing.
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