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Arisia Experience

Just got back from Arisia a few hours ago. I stayed another day due to the weather. I just hope I'm not in trouble with work since I was under the assumption that it would be closed due to the weather. A lot of my co-workers are working from home. I'll consider this just another day off. Hard to summarize this weekend in long, coherent sentences, but I'll give it a try.

* Venturing outside was kept at a minimum due to insane weather conditions.
* I was impressed that I was able to pack several costumes into one suitcase.
* During the weekend, I was an Earthforce captain, a Jedi knight, a Sith Lord, a Ring-Wraith, and me.
* Room service and Finale take-out with my sweetie is becoming a time-honored tradition for Arisia weekends.
* I only went to one panel this time. It was like an advanced session on Livejournal and communities. It's amazing how much it has evolved in just two years.
* There was a panel called "Perpetually Poly" that I wanted to go to but it conflicted with a SFB tournament. Looks like I'm a gamer at heart. It would have been great if I could have met nimri_ra for the first time.
* I like playing the Klingons.
* Apparently, the "Oh Shiny" moments not only apply to jewelry, costumes, games, and weapons, but to people as well. On a way to a session or panel or party, there is always a person who either hammercock or myself haven't seen in a while.
* I have to agree on somebody by saying "Respectfully, wow!"
* Klingonlandlady as a redhead: A fantasy comes true
Another long story
* Ex-Watch and "Clueless Fanboy Watch" was hard work. They seemed to be everywhere. Hard to converse or flirt much. But it was worth it.
* My sweetie was stunning in a series of corsets. She definitely lost weight.
* It was unfortunate that someone didn't enjoy her first Arisia.
* Many thanks to P.F. Chang's for being open during the blizzard from hell.
* Ate too much Con Suite food. Almost failed the 5-2-1 rule. I showered though.
* It was good to see danaeris and chanaleh in costume.

Overall, a great weekend
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