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Praising jul3z

I remember a Livejournal party I attended a few months back. There were three intelligent, outgoing, and atractive women who I met for the first time and am glad ever since to still keep in touch with: sunyata__, ladytabitha, and jul3z. I admit that most of this praise is based off of jul3z's LJ entries and that one meeting, so I shall do my best.

First off, she's a hot poly geek from Canada which is always a plus for me. Considering the recent events in the United States with conservative and warhawks, I envy her current location. She seems to be in an environment of free-spiritness, tolerance, and open-mindness. And this is incorporated into her personality: how she writes, how she speaks, how she works, and how she loves. How she is with phrawzty is cute. As a fellow fan of Degrassi and Arrogant Worms, I have a fond appreciation for all things Canadian (even the political scandals).

What's important is that jul3z lives and loves life as evident by her fascination with food whether it's Ice Cider, Cabernet, or just plain pot roast. She reminds me of how much I enjoy gourmet cooking and fine dining. She treats her friends with respect, care, and attention whether they are around the corner or thousands of miles away.

I also like her adventure stories with Bradley Bear :)

One of these days, I should take up on her offer for post-election asylum and Timbits
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