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A Meme

Ten years ago, I...
- was rushing to get my letters of recommendation and transcripts ready to apply to colleges like Harvard, MIT, and Yale.
- was rushing to get my research done for the Westinghouse Science Talent Search
- was confirmed valedictorian early in my senior year in high school

Five years ago, I...
- nearly committed suicide following the break-up of my first girlfriend in late winter.
- began my second relationship in the Fall
- Took a ninth term of MIT to finish my thesis

One year ago, I...
- was unemployed on Valentine's Day
- found my current job by luck
- moved to the Continuum

So far this year, I...
- went to London with my sweetie
- became full-time at my job
- apparently pissed-off some friends

Yesterday, I...
- talked to my mother for the first time since the separation and cried
- played B5 Wars with friends
- had a Sunday morning and afternoon with hammercock

Today, I...
- saw "Sideways" at the Kendall Square Cinema.
- saw the trailer for "Star Wars: Episode III".
- had those quiet evenings when it was just me, my thoughts, and the internet.

Tomorrow, I will...
- go to Diesel
- hopefully not piss-off people
- be more social

In one year, I hope I...
- pay off a credit card or two
- will finally get being poly right (or at least not make the same mistakes)
- find a better paying job that doesn't fry me psychologically

In five years, I...
- will have paid off my student loans (and probably credit cards)
- will be married
- will have a masters degree
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