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Observe, Analyze, Adapt

Did a total virus sweep of my machine. Hopefully, it'll work better.

Been listening to watercolorblue's Trippy Mix and Pissed-Off Mix. Been hearing some new songs for the first time. Also heard downloads of sunyata__ singing. Words do not do justice. Trying to imagine her in Local Midnight, but alas she lives in Orlando. Speaking of which, I'm somewhat bummed that a Halloween party this Saturday was cancelled. However, given the reason, it's OK. I prefer the party cancelled with the hostess recovering. Just need to reorganize my schedule to justify the $240 spent on my costume.

On a similar note, I finally got my haircut. No more George Harrison. For those who are bummed that I no longer have long hair: Eit. It's amazing how two inches of hair length can mean the difference between whether someone notices you or not.
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