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Weekend Over

Just got home an hour ago from hammercock's place. Wild party last night. Nothing like a couple of cups of sangria to overcome one's agoraphobia. I miss the lost art of flirtation :)
People had comments about me having a hair cut when in reality, my hair was just long enough to be gelled back. The result was a Superman curl the entire party. I miss the moments of drunken debauchery. I admit the party wasn't all about that.

I had a conversation in which the topic of my family self-destructing was brought up. With a strong Catholic background, I found it difficult to think of the possibility of a substitute. I questioned whether I actually had the friends to do that. Then a person said that if I ever got married, there would be people in my side of the altar. It took some time to realize that it was my fear:
Will the church tilt?
Will the funeral be empty?
Will I be missed?
That, and a baby staring in front of me playing with my nose, almost brought a tear to my eye.

My thanks to the "Hugo award winning performances" of sunspiral and roozle as hosts of the great party.

Just got cast for the 10-day "Conspiracy". I think I'm going to play it. I feel the call of LARPing again. It's been too long. With the new full-time position taking effect on the 1st, I should have more time for everything other that work.
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